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Abdominoplasty Surgery – Philadelphia Procedures

Published on December 19, 2014 

Sagging skin around the abdomen can be an issue for your self-confidence. For many people, the sagging skin is the result of aging, heredity or pregnancy. With abdominoplasty surgery, you can regain a flatter, tighter abdomen and achieve the look of your dreams.

Abdominoplasty surgery is a cosmetic procedure that eliminates sagging skin around the stomach and tightens loosened abdominal muscles. There are varying types of abdominoplasties, which are always going to be tailored to meet your goals and needs. In general, there procedure involves an incision between the belly button and groin area, which allows for excess skin to be removed.

Consult with Dr. Scott Brenman, a board-certified plastic surgeon, to learn more about abdominoplasty surgery.

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