Top 3 Benefits of miraDry®

Imagine life with no more excess underarm sweat. No more covert checks for sweat or odor. No more sweat stains on clothing. No more embarrassment or anxiety at work or social events. This freedom can become a reality with miraDry®, the FDA-cleared treatment for excessive underarm sweating. 

What is miraDry®

If you find yourself with constantly sweaty underarms, even when you’re not warm or exerting yourself at all, you might have hyperhidrosis, the medical term for excessive sweating. Over 37 million people in the United States have hyperhidrosis, and it can cause stress and embarrassment. While we need to sweat when trying to stay cool, people with hyperhidrosis sweat even when not necessary. As an FDA-cleared treatment for excessive sweating, miraDry® requires no invasive procedures and often gets results in only one session.

How Does miraDry® Work?

The miraDry® handheld applicator emits energy that targets the sweat glands in the underarm area without harming the surrounding skin. The energy transmits heat to the sweat glands, deactivating them, so they no longer produce any sweat. One treatment will dramatically decrease underarm sweating for most people. You can also stop worrying about odor since odor-causing bacteria in the underarm need sweat to survive. 

Top 3 Benefits of miraDry®

Social situations and even everyday activities can become stressful for people with hyperhidrosis. No one wants to stand out as the person sweating too much. By stopping excessive sweating, miraDry® provides several other benefits

  1. No more sweaty patches or sweat stains on clothes
  2. No more unpleasant underarm odor
  3. No more embarrassment or self-consciousness

Freedom from underarm sweating can change your life. You no longer have to waste time and money on failed methods to deal with the problem. You have miraDry®, a long-term solution that frees you from thinking about excess sweat. 

How Much Does miraDry® Cost? 

Costs for treatments like miraDry® can vary widely between providers and in different areas. The average price of a miraDry® treatment may run from $1500 to $4500. At the Pennsylvania Centre for Plastic Surgery, your first treatment will cost $1995. If you need any additional treatment, it will come at approximately half that price. 

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Is There Any Downtime With miraDry®?

You may have some redness and sensitivity in the area for a day or two after treatment. You can return to your usual activities after your session. You may notice a reduction in underarm sweating immediately, with full results appearing within a few days. 

Am I a Good Candidate for miraDry®?

If you have excessive underarm sweating, you might be a good candidate for miraDry®. You should not have the treatment if you have irritated or broken skin in the underarm area.

This visit was a pleasure! Dr. Brenman thoroughly explained my options and did seem rushed. He answered all my questions and made me comfortable with making my decision. Gina was friendly and helpful in facilitating scheduling etc. I feel confident in my choice.

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