Does an Abdominoplasty Leave Scars?

For many women – especially those who’ve had children – the prospect of getting a tummy tuck done can be pretty enticing. After all, the tummy tuck – also known as an abdominoplasty – is an excellent procedure for reducing the appearance of a tummy pooch, as well as sagging abdominal skin leftover from pregnancy or previous weight gain.

But for many of these same women, the prospect of having an obvious scar isn’t as enticing. 

That’s why we’re aiming to answer the following question: “Does an abdominoplasty leave scars?”

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Scar Placement for the Abdominoplasty Procedure

It’s perfectly normal to have concerns about scar placement for the abdominoplasty procedure; in fact, it’s one of the most common questions patients ask during the tummy tuck consultation. 

Here’s the general answer: While the incision placement is tailored to each patient’s specific needs, most incisions are made just above the patient’s mons pubis. The incision is made in a horizontal manner, meaning it can usually be hidden by a bathing suit bottom or underwear. 

The placement of the tummy tuck incision allows your plastic surgeon to access the damaged abdominal muscles, which are often the source of the tummy pooch that responds best to an abdominoplasty.

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Worried About Surgical Scarring?

Patients who may be worried about surgical scarring can seek out a lot of treatment options to help fade the appearance of scars, especially if they’re worried about feeling self-conscious. Laser treatments, peels, and microneedling can all help to fade the appearance of surgical scarring, both from the abdominoplasty procedure and from other surgical treatments.

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