What Are the Benefits of Permanent Makeup?

Have you been toying around with the idea of permanent makeup, but not sure if the benefits make it worth your while?

We get it. That’s why we’ve outlined the four biggest benefits of permanent makeup, ranging from the obvious (save more time!) to the completely and delightfully surprising.

The 4 Biggest Benefits of Permanent Makeup

1. You’ll get your time back.

Perhaps one of the biggest benefits of permanent makeup is that it makes it a lot easier to get ready in the morning. And over time, those minutes you save putting on eyeliner or lipstick really adds up.  

Think about how much time you devote to your makeup routine in the mornings or evenings before you go out. Unless you’ve mastered the art of speedy makeup application, there’s a good chance it takes you about 10 to 30 minutes to put your face on.

Now imagine what you can do with all that time back in your daily schedule. You could sleep in more, start working out in the mornings, or just take a little extra time to enjoy your first cup of coffee.

2. You’ll save a lot more money.

Makeup can be crazy expensive. From designer mascara to luxury lip liner, no woman is surprised by how much money she sinks into her look. By introducing permanent makeup to your routine, you’re not just saving time; you’re saving a huge chunk of your budget, too.

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3. You’ll experience fewer allergies.

Makeup can be riddled with the potential for allergies. From synthetic ingredients to risks posed by using expired makeup, you’re constantly exposing your face and eyes to makeup-driven allergies.

With permanent makeup, however, those allergies are minimized, so you’ll never have to experience another annoying eye infection again.

4. You’ll feel a lot more confident.

For some women, makeup can be a pathway toward feeling more comfortable and confident in their skin. And there’s nothing wrong with that!

If you count yourself as one of those women, permanent makeup can give you that confidence you need to take on whatever comes your way. So whether it’s running into your ex at the grocery store or running late to work, you can feel better knowing that you’re always putting your best face forward.

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