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Outer Thigh Lift – Body Contouring – Pennsylvania

Published on December 12, 2014 

Aging, pregnancy and major shifts in body weight can be demanding on the skin, which often results in excess sagging skin on many parts of the body. For many people, sagging skin can be particularly problematic around the thighs. Fortunately, this can be treated with an outer thigh lift.

The outer thigh lift is a specific type of thigh lift technique. Thigh lifts are a cosmetic surgery that can reshape the thighs by removing excess sagging skin to create shapelier, more youthful contours.

With the outer thigh lift, the outer thighs and buttocks are reshaped. An incision is made that extends from the groin area, around the outer thigh and towards the lower back.

To learn more about the results that are achieved with this procedure, consult Dr. Scott Brenman.

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