Philadelphia Plastic Surgery Photos

Philadelphia Plastic Surgery Photos

Published on September 23, 2013 

Here at The Pennsylvania Centre for Plastic Surgery we believe in patient satisfaction and care. We understand the journey to Plastic Surgery is different for everyone, but is always personal and sometimes overwhelming. It’s a huge decision. Patients are literally putting both their lives and their appearance in the doctors hands and trusting to come out of it not only alive, but in better form than they went into it with. So, how do you- prospective patient- ensure that you are making the right decision?

To begin with, it is of the utmost importance to find a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon so that you protect your health and safety. A quality Plastic Surgeon needs to have the training, skill and experience to do the job and to do it with the least amount of scarring and pain possible. A Plastic Surgeon, however, unlike most medical doctors, have the rare distinction of needing to be so much more. They must also be sculptors, they need an artistic eye and a study hand. Every Plastic Surgeon, not unlike every artist, has a different interpretation of what looks best, so it is important to choose a Plastic Surgeon that shares your beauty ideals.

We are confident that our patients results speak better than we ever could to the quality of the work of Dr. Brenman. We’d like to invite you over to our Before and After Gallery to view photos of our previous patients.

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