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How Long is Recovery From a Rhinoplasty?

When you feel self-conscious about your nose, it can seem like everyone is looking at it. We cannot hide our noses, so if you feel uncomfortable with yours, you may consider having it corrected. A rhinoplasty can change your nose to give it the size and shape you want. It can even fix some breathing problems. 

What is a Rhinoplasty? 

Many people dislike their noses. A nose that does not seem to match your face can make your features look out of balance. A rhinoplasty adjusts the underlying bone and cartilage of your nose to reshape and sculpt it. This procedure is one of the most common plastic surgeries due to its ability to change your entire facial appearance. 

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How Does a Rhinoplasty Work?

During a rhinoplasty, Dr. Brenman will use a small incision to access the structures of the nose. In an open rhinoplasty, he uses an incision hidden between the nostrils, while in a closed rhinoplasty the incisions are made inside the nostrils. Open rhinoplasty is usually used for more complex procedures. Dr. Brenman will reshape the structure of the nose to achieve the shape and size you want to achieve. 

How Long is Recovery From a Rhinoplasty?

You can expect swelling and soreness after rhinoplasty. Many people notice black eyes which occur as a natural result of the procedure. Most people need about a week to recover before returning to work. You may still have some bruising and swelling at this point, so you may choose to wait up to two weeks for this to resolve. 

Swelling can take up to a year to resolve completely, so the appearance of your nose immediately after surgery will differ from your final results. Rest and allow the healing process to work. Once healed, you can expect your results to last for life. 

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Medical vs. Aesthetic Rhinoplasty

While many people think of rhinoplasty as a cosmetic procedure, it can also correct problems with breathing. For those with trauma to the nose or other issues that cause breathing problems, a rhinoplasty may be life-changing. 

Aesthetic (Cosmetic) Rhinoplasty

This type of rhinoplasty corrects the appearance of the nose to give you a more balanced appearance. Insurance does not cover aesthetic rhinoplasty. You may choose to have this procedure because your nose bothers you, and you want to fix it. 

Medical (Functional) Rhinoplasty

You may have medical rhinoplasty if you have a structural issue that keeps you from breathing well through your nose. Insurance may cover rhinoplasty if it improves the function of your nose. Nose trauma happens to many people, and if it causes breathing issues, a medical rhinoplasty can correct them. 

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