What is Gynecomastia and How Can I Treat It?

Many men suffer from a medical condition called gynecomastia, which can affect boys and men of various ages. In a lot of cases, this condition goes away with time. It will typically flare-up during puberty, and the main symptom is that you have enlarged breasts. Your chest area can look and feel very puffy, and it may seem as though you have female breasts. Thankfully, this can be treated with gynecomastia surgery, reducing the excess breast tissue and restoring a more masculine appearance to your chest.

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About Gynecomastia

Gynecomastia is a medical condition that can cause cosmetic discomfort. Technically speaking, if left alone, it would cause no damage to your overall health and well-being. The effects are purely cosmetic, leading to lots of men feeling very anxious about their chests. 

This condition can occur in any man and usually happens when the hormones estrogen and testosterone are thrown out of balance. Women grow larger breasts than men because they have much lower testosterone levels and produce more estrogen. So, if a man starts producing too much estrogen and not enough testosterone, they can develop gynecomastia. It’s normal to go through hormonal changes in life, which is why most cases sort themselves out as your testosterone and estrogen levels reach a balance. However, if you have had this problem for over two years, you may require surgery to correct it. 

Gynecomastia Treatment

Dr. Brenman provides gynecomastia surgery to help reduce the size of your breasts. He will make small incisions in the breasts, around the same area that the incisions are frequently made for breast implants. Here, he will insert a liposuction tube to siphon out the excessive fatty tissues in your breasts. Dr. Brenman also gets rid of some extra glandular tissue and reshapes the skin around your breasts. When the treatment is over, your chest will look flatter and have a more manly appearance. 

The results of his treatment are usually seen straight away, though there is a recovery period. It takes around 3 weeks to be fully recovered, and you start to see the long-lasting results after three months. 

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Benefits of Gynecomastia Surgery

As with all cosmetic surgeries, gynecomastia will improve your confidence. It deals with a problem that’s caused you lots of stress over the last few years. You’ve been unable to wear certain clothes or enjoy holidays on the beach due to the appearance of your breasts. This could’ve been a condition you suffered through during your school years, meaning you may have been bullied because of it. Gynecomastia treatment lets you feel better about yourself and helps you feel more confident. 

Am I a Candidate for Gynecomastia Surgery?

Candidates for this surgery will be diagnosed with gynecomastia and may have tried alternative treatments beforehand. Dr. Brenman recommends that you try to let the condition sort itself out, or perhaps undergo hormone therapy to see if that helps. If you have tried all of these things and seen no improvements, you are a suitable candidate for gynecomastia surgery. Provided, of course, that you pass the medical checks and are a healthy individual.

“After losing 87 pounds I decided I would treat myself and get a tummy tuck that I have been wanting for some time. I researched and thought Dr Scot Brenman would be best. Well suffice it to say I am not thrilled with my results. Ultimately my tummy is flatter which was what I wanted but my belly button is 2 inches above the incision line which I hate! He promised lipo which til this day I’m betting he didn’t do! Also his aftercare was thee WORSE! He never followed up with me after the removal of my drains! No way will he receive another one of my hard earned dimes!” *

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