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What is Rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty is one of the oldest forms of cosmetic surgery in the industry. It has been around for decades, with plenty of new ideas and innovations refining techniques over the years. At its core, rhinoplasty is a nose surgery that offers a way for patients to alter the appearance of their noses. Many people are self-conscious about the size or shape of their nose, but you can also undergo rhinoplasty to treat breathing problems. To keep things simple, rhinoplasty is another name for a nose job!

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Why Have Rhinoplasty?

You can undergo nose surgery for all sorts of reasons. The most common instance is when somebody doesn’t like their nose. It might be too big, the shape too hooked, and so on. In this case, a rhinoplasty can be used to sculpt your dream nose, filling you with confidence.   However, you could also have a nose job if you’re suffering from nasal problems that are causing a negative impact on your health. A very common example of this is a deviated septum, where the middle part of your nose deviates to either side. This can make it hard to breathe, so septal surgery is regularly used to fix this. But, you can also have rhinoplasty to treat a damaged nose or correct nasal trauma.  

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Types of Rhinoplasty

As you have just read, nose surgery can be used to treat different problems. Therefore, two different types of rhinoplasty are typically called upon:

Functional Rhinoplasty

This is sometimes called medical rhinoplasty, and it refers to nose surgery that treats functional issues with the nose. So, this would be used for a deviated septum, breathing issues, and so on. 

Cosmetic Rhinoplasty

Conversely, this type of nose surgery is reserved for people that just want to change the way their nose looks. It won’t focus on correcting the functionality of the nose – it’s purely aesthetic!

Rhinoplasty Recovery

Naturally, your nose will be swollen and sore after surgery. You may also see black eyes, which is a natural reaction to the surgical treatment in your nose. You’ll need to keep a splint on your nose for up to a week, and this is when external stitches are also removed. If you have stitches inside your nose, they dissolve naturally and get absorbed by the body. All in all, you’re looking at at least a week’s worth of recovery, though you should obviously take extra care of your nose as it heals. 

Benefits of Rhinoplasty

Plenty of patients have felt like new people after having nose surgery. It can be a massive boost to your confidence, making you feel so much better about how you look. Rhinoplasty can literally be a life-changing experience for you! Likewise, it can improve your life if you have functional nose surgery. While your nose might not look different, you will find it easier to breathe, getting rid of common problems you’ve lived with for years. 

Best Candidates for Rhinoplasty

If you suffer from a deviated septum or other medical problems revolving around your nose, you could be a candidate for functional rhinoplasty. The best candidates for cosmetic rhinoplasty are those that are seriously unhappy with how their nose looks. If it’s something that plagues your thoughts every day, you may suit this procedure.
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