What to Look for in the Best Plastic Surgeon

You’ve just made the decision to undergo plastic surgery – congratulations! While getting plastic surgery is a deeply personal decision, it can often lead to life-changing confidence, thanks to its ability to address cosmetic issues that may have plagued patients for their entire lives.

Now that you’ve made this big decision, it’s time to make another equally important and consequential choice: who your plastic surgeon is going to be.

Before you stress out, read on – we’ve got the information you need for when you’re ready to look for the best plastic surgeon.


Dr. Scott A. Brenman, MD

4 Things to Look for in Your Best Plastic Surgeon

1. The right board certification.

At the bare minimum, your plastic surgeon should be certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. This governing board requires all members to meet stringent criteria in order to be certified, including proof of exceptional patient care, educational background, and peer reviews.

Some plastic surgeons may claim they’re board-certified, but they actually hold certifications from other boards. Insist on a plastic surgeon who has met the criteria of the American Board of Plastic Surgery, as this shows your health and well-being should be in great hands.

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2. Proof of experience.

Make sure your plastic surgeon has demonstrable experience with the type of plastic surgery you want to pursue. For example, don’t go to a plastic surgeon for a nose job if 90% of his or her surgeries are represented by liposuction. You want someone who is able to perform your surgery with the confidence and expertise you deserve.

3. A portfolio with great results.

Ensure that any potential plastic surgeon will show you a portfolio of former patient results. This is often the best indicator of the plastic surgeon’s skills, as you can see the real results they’ve created. However, take note of the size of the portfolio; if the plastic surgeon can only show you a few examples of results, he or she might not be highly experienced with that particular surgery.

4. A great bedside manner.

Don’t discount your own comfort levels! If a plastic surgeon meets the above criteria but leaves you feeling uncomfortable or dismissed, find another surgeon. You deserve to work with someone who makes you feel as unique as you are.

He is a fantastic plastic surgeon with more than 36 years of experience working with cosmetic surgery. I had my fiancee go there for liposuction for her ideal model like body and the outcome is stunning!!! She also took 3 of her girlfriends to see Dr. Brenman for breasts augmentation and they are very satisfied with the super natural new breasts. We would never go anywhere else for plastic surgery except with Dr. Brenman.
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