When Can I See Best Results from My Breast Augmentation?

Are you interested in undergoing breast augmentation surgery, but not sure when you can expect to see the best results?

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When Will I See Results from My Breast Augmentation?

While every patient is different, most people can expect to see their final results about six months to a year after the surgery. This is when all of the swellings will have disappeared, so you no longer need to worry about minor adjustments to your appearance.

However, that doesn’t mean you have to wait that long to start enjoying your results. Most patients will see close-to-final results about eight to twelve weeks after the surgery, meaning you can start rocking those new dresses and shirts sooner than you may have originally thought.

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How to Have a Successful Breast Augmentation Recovery

In order to see the best results from your breast augmentation surgery, it’s important to exactly follow your plastic surgeon’s recovery plan. Here are a few more tips to have your best recovery possible:

  • Invest in more than one recovery bra – and don’t just buy it without thinking about it! You’re going to be spending a lot of time in your recovery bras, so it’s important to find a recovery bra that feels comfortable and seamless.
  • Think about what you’re going to wear after your breast augmentation recovery. You’re going to be spending a lot of time resting and relaxing, but you also want to make sure you’re not wearing anything that exacerbates the pain and discomfort you may be feeling. Baggy t-shirts may come in handy here!
  • Plan out the meals you’re going to eat during the first week after your surgery. You’re going to be pretty groggy and tired for the most part, so try to prepare your meals as much as possible before your surgery.
  • Ask friends and family members to check in on you, especially if you live alone or with roommates. It’s especially important to have someone there during the first 24 hours after your surgery, as you won’t be able to drive yourself home.
Got my measurements done last night and I’m now a 30 DD or a 32 D. Which is roughly the same as a 34 C! I think anywhere in the 350-400 cc range would’ve gotten me here, and I’m very happy with my 371’s. Can’t believe the difference. I was wearing 32 B bras before but didn’t fill them out, they were mostly pre-pregnancy bras. Because my chest is wide even though I wear a smaller band size, A cups cut into my side boob but B cups gapped at the top. I didn’t buy any bras because I want to wait another few weeks until they are finished settling. A really great measurement guide can be found on the reddit forum abrathatfits. All you need is soft measuring tape!


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