Arm Lift Philadelphia - Brachioplasty PA

The arm lift procedure allows for correction of extra loose skin and fat of the upper arms. This procedure is performed when the skin tone of the upper arm is poor and there is a significant amount of extra skin to be removed. The procedure provides a more youthful appearance and a thinner contour to the upper arms. The arm lift can also improve the folds of skin and fat of the upper chest near the armpit.

The procedure requires the placement of an incision. The incision may be completely concealed within the armpit, or down the inside of the arm in an inconspicuous location for a variable length depending on how much skin and where the excess is. Through this incision, liposuction of the upper arm is performed, and extra skin is removed. When the skin tone is still adequate, liposuction alone can reduce upper arm size. Dr. Brenman examines each patient carefully to help chose the best procedure to accomplish cosmetic goals.

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