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Plastic Surgery Procedures Philadelphia

The term ‘plastic‘ or ‘cosmetic surgery‘ actually covers a variety of surgical and chemical procedures which alter the body’s outward appearance. These procedures are used to shape and contour body areas such as the face or body, soften skin tone to reduce wrinkles or changes due to aging.

Dr. Brenman stresses the importance of choosing a plastic surgeon with an artistic ability and an aesthetic sense that complements your own objectives.

When performed by an experienced surgeon, plastic surgery is safe and relatively painless. Although each procedure is different, there are certain degrees of risk and uncertainty with all surgical procedures. During a consultation, Dr. Brenman will discuss your procedure and advise you of the potential results and any possible risks that may be involved.

Plastic Surgery Update:
Over-50 Facelifts, Laser Hair Removal, New Breast Lift Method

All of the procedures listed are performed at Pennsylvania Hospital, the nation’s first hospital. Most procedures are performed using general anesthesia, others are performed with intravenous sedation. Certain procedures can be performed with local anesthesia. The decision concerning the type of anesthesia to be used will be discussed with you during your initial consultation. For more information about specific procedures, click on the links above.

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