How Long Does Juvederm® Last?

A voluminous and plump face can make the skin appear youthful and refreshed, which can be challenging to achieve as the face begins to lose volume with age. If you struggle with sunken-in cheeks, wrinkles around the nose and mouth, or lack of volume in your lips, Juvederm® dermal fillers may be the solution to rejuvenating your appearance without surgery.

How do Juvederm® Dermal Fillers Work?

Juvederm® is an injectable that can treat fine lines and wrinkles, as well as smooth the face to give you a rejuvenated and plump look. Juvederm® is made with hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring compound found in the body. When an experienced practitioner carefully injects Juvederm® into the treatment area, it can add volume, promote water retention, and boost collagen production. 

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How Long Does Juvederm® Last?

Juvederm® is an excellent treatment for someone looking for a long-lasting solution to enhance their facial volume, as well as smooth fine lines and wrinkles. The initial results of Juvederm® are immediate, with final results typically visible in one to two weeks. 

The results of Juvederm® can last between nine to eighteen months, depending on which dermal filler from the Juvederm® collection you use for your treatment and a variety of other factors. Factors that may impact the longevity of your results include where you had filler placed, the speed at which your body metabolizes the filler, and the amount of filler you use for treatment.

What Can Juvederm® Dermal Fillers Treat?

There are several facial fillers in the Juvederm® collection, each best suited to enhance different areas of the face. All the fillers from the Juvederm collection can plump and rejuvenate your complexion with natural-looking results. At The Pennsylvania Centre for Plastic Surgery, we offer the following:

  • Juvederm® Volbella™ for natural-looking plump lips
  • Juvederm® Voluma™ for restoring volume in the cheeks and minimizing wrinkles
  • Juvederm® Ultra Plus for smoothing away folds around the mouth and nose

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Am I a Candidate for Juvederm®?

If you struggle with loss of facial volume, mild to moderate wrinkles and fine lines, or simply desire to restore a youthful look to your face, you may be a good candidate for Juvederm®. You may not be a suitable candidate for Juvederm® if you suffer from certain allergies or have had allergic reactions to hyaluronic acid in the past. The best way to determine your candidacy for Juvederm® dermal fillers is to schedule a consultation with Dr. Brenman.

This visit was a pleasure! Dr. Brenman thoroughly explained my options and did seem rushed. He answered all my questions and made me comfortable with making my decision. Gina was friendly and helpful in facilitating scheduling etc. I feel confident in my choice.

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