Does a Male Breast Reduction Exist?

Breast reduction is typically seen as a female treatment option. However, many men are increasingly inquiring as to whether or not male breast reduction surgery exists. It’s not uncommon for some men to have excess breast tissue that enlarges their breasts. Naturally, this causes confidence issues and can stop you from living life to the fullest. 

As it happens, enlarged breasts in men is a medical condition. It’s called gynecomastia and you’ll be pleased to know Dr. Brenman does offer breast reduction surgery for this condition.

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What is Gynecomastia?

In short, this is where men have an abnormal amount of breast and glandular tissue around the chest area. It increases the size of this area, making it appear that you have breasts. This is not to be confused with overweight individuals that have excess fatty tissue around the breast region. 

Gynecomastia is a condition that tends to arise from hormonal imbalances. If men have high levels of estrogen and low testosterone levels, it’s highly common to see this problem occur. 

Male Breast Reduction for Gynecomastia 

Dr. Brenman is an experienced plastic surgeon offering a range of breast orientated treatments. Primarily, these treatments involve breast augmentation and reduction for women. However, he also provides gynecomastia surgery to reduce glandular/breast tissue in men. 

The treatment uses a combination of tissue removal and liposuction. Incisions are made to extract the excess glandular tissue, while the liposuction removes any extra fatty tissues. This ensures that the breasts don’t grow back – it’s common for some men to experience gynecomastia, see it go away, then have it return. When the surgery is finished, Dr. Brenman will stitch up the incisions and ensure you’re in a comfortable position to recover.

Benefits of Gynecomastia Surgery

You will benefit from this surgery as it can restore a lot of your self-confidence. For men, suffering from gynecomastia can put a massive strain on your mental health. You’re self-conscious about wearing certain clothes, you never go to the beach, and your sex life falters. Gynecomastia breast reduction surgery will ensure you never have to worry about this again. 

Similarly, you benefit from a treatment that lasts. Some men are prescribed medications to treat gynecomastia, but they have limited results. With Dr. Brenman’s breast reduction surgery for men, you’re assured that the breasts don’t grow back.

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Am I a Candidate for a Male Breast Reduction?

You should not undergo male breast reduction surgery if you are overweight and unhealthy. This is not a fat loss treatment, it is designed to treat men suffering from gynecomastia. With that in mind, if you suffer from this condition and have excess tissue around your chest area, you could be an ideal candidate. 

Dr. Brenman suggests that the best candidates are men in their late teens or older. Lots of teenagers and younger men suffer from gynecomastia when going through puberty. This is completely natural due to the increased hormone production in the body. However, many of these instances will sort themselves out as puberty subsides. So, we recommend this treatment if you have been through puberty and still haven’t seen signs of your breasts decreasing.

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