How Will Juvederm Make Me Look Younger?

When it comes to injections that can help you look younger, your mind might immediately turn to Botox. But if you want a truly youthful appearance, you should seriously consider adding Juvederm to your anti-aging arsenal.

Let’s take a closer look at how Juvederm can make you look younger!

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How Juvederm Makes You Look Younger

Juvederm can be essential for helping you look younger because it tackles one of the main symptoms of aging: facial volume loss.

The Juvederm family uses different hyaluronic acid formulas to create volume underneath sagging dermal tissue, thus helping to temporarily lift the skin. Once this plumping effect takes place, wrinkles and fine lines are smoothed out, leading to a more radiant and smoother face that looks years younger.

How Long Will Juvederm Last?

Interested in Juvederm to help you look younger, but not sure if the duration of the results is worth it?

Get ready to be excited: On average, Juvederm facial injections last anywhere from nine to twelve months. If you get Juvederm injections in your cheeks, your results may last a little bit longer (up to 18 months)!

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However, if you opt to get Juvederm injections for lip augmentation, your results will usually last about six months. That’s because Juvederm for lip augmentation uses a less viscous hyaluronic acid gel, so as not to interfere with the mouth’s natural movements.

Is Juvederm Right for Me?

You’re a good candidate for Juvederm injections if you have noticeable facial sagging and loss of volume, especially around your cheeks, undereye regions, and around your mouth. Juvederm works best on people who have mild to moderate signs of facial aging; if your aging symptoms are more severe, you may need surgical solutions.

My lips were always thin and I was born with deep under eye circles. I decided to go for it and get some Juvederm after my 26th birthday. At first I got one syringe in my lips, but decided to go back and get another syringe a couple weeks later (I wanted a poutier look). I absolutely love the results! My doctor was very gentle and made sure everything came out natural looking! The office is great; appointments are easy to schedule and the hours are convenient for those who have busy schedules. I recommend Dr. Brenman 100%.


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